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Sunday’s Rant
Sunday, March 6th, 2005
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Okay, I am back from Celebrate Romance!!!! I had a wonderful time, I met fellow authors from my publishers like Camille Anthony(my roomie), Madeline Oh, Stephanie(Flash)Burke, Judy Mays, Ann Jacobs, Treva Harte, and met my editor from Changling Press Caroline, and partied with the famous Mama Z of Changeling Press. All very nice ladies (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out if so, I’m sorry, my brain is fried) I am so exhausted, and let me tell you there were so many other authors there that I was so star struck. I felt like such a stalker because I kept watching them and not believing I was in the same room with the. I met Mary Balough (love her slightly series) very nice lady, but the person who blew me away with how nice she was was Mary Jo Putney. Love her!!!! I loved everyone I met. I partied at Flash’s house, that woman is a nut, but we wouldn’t love her so much if she wasn’t. She’s so thin and beautiful. (I hate her!! lol) Her costumes are so wild but she carries it well and she has men staring at her wherever she goes. *sigh* I will I had that swing. Anyway, I had a good time, hey I even signed a couple autographs, who would have thought someone would want my little old signature, lol. Anyway I won a couple of baskets and my friend hated me for it. Bwahahahaha, and I won the Diane Whiteside basket with alcohol and all. Yea!!! I never win anything. All in all this weekend was great, and I’m looking forward to next year!!! Peace out.

Wenesday’s Rant
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
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Well, this is my last rant until Sunday. I’m going to Celebrate Romance in Baltimore. Yippy. That should be a blast. GianMarco’s Muse came out tonight at Loose-id and I’m pretty excited about that. Well, I am going to keep this short and sweet and say, if you can’t please everyone, then you should at least try to please yourself, which is what my new goal in life has become. Peace out.

Tuesday’s Rant
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
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You know if you get 14 inches of snow, you at least hope they close your office, but no, not my job. Oh well. I think I hurt my shouler shoveling my car out this morning. Ouch. I had good intentions to get lots of writing done today but that went down the drain. Oh well. This is a short rant because I’m tired. Peace out!!

Monday’s Rant
Monday, February 28th, 2005
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Well, Jaime Foxx won the Oscars and yippy, so did Morgan Freeman. I love Morgan Freeman. Jaime Foxx should have won the award simply for the fact that he became Ray when he acted in that movie. It was so good. I bet Annette Benning was pissed to lose to Hilary Swank yet again. Poor Annette. Is it me or is Sean Penn an a-hole. I mean really, get a sense of humor buddy, we’re all sure Chris Rock knew who Judd Law is of he would not have even brought up his name. Sean, take a chill pill. What was up with what Johnny Depp was wearing. He looked like Colonel Saunders illegitmate son. He use to be so hot, not he’s just weird. Oh well, I have a new release with Loose-id coming out, the first in my vampire series. I’m biting my nails. I’m hoping its well recieved. Oh well, I have to roll, but peace out!!

Sunday’s rant
Sunday, February 27th, 2005
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Well, I have a lot to rant about tonight. I sign on AOL and I see a picture of Charles and Camilla. Who the f**k cares about those two. You couldn’t pay me enough to care. The minute those two start paying my bills I just might be able to muster up an opinion but in the meantime, I’m getting tired on seeing them everywhere, kind of like Paris Hilton. They’re on my people I wish would disappear list. Anyway, let me tell you something that does matter. I am no longer cool. That’s right, I said it. I’m no longer cool. Do you remember where you were when you found out you were no longer cool? Well, I have a 15 year old brother who keeps me posted on all the lastest slang. He and I were talking and I said something was ‘Da Bomb’. Well apparently saying da boom is no longer cool, and I have been using it quite a but lately. Hey, when the heck did I ever lose touch with all the hip hop slang. I think the new tear is ‘Hot to Death’ I hate that term. I guess that means I am now officially an old fart, hell, I thought I would at least reach thirty before that happened. I remember in high school being to cool to go with this guy to the prom because he wasn’t ‘cool’ enough. Now I’ve become the fogey. Waaaaa. As I sat at the computer writing my heart out, I tried to recapture my youth by listening to my N’Sync and New Kids on The Blocks CDs. Yes dammit, I still listen to the New Kids on The Block so get off my damn back!! Well, after listening to those CDs I realized, I’m never going to get my hay days back. *sniff* N’Sync is through, the NKOTB are in th AARP and Marky Mark has abandoned his Funky Bunch. And I don’t give a damn if Mark Walberg doesn’t want to be called Marky Mark. He will always be Marky Mark to me. Well, I’m off to finish watching the Oscars. If Jaime Foxx doesn’t win, I will be one pissed of lady. That’s my rant for the evening. Peace Out (which also I found out is no longer cool)

Saturday’s Rant
Saturday, February 26th, 2005
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Well, Today I had grand plans of getting a lot of writing done. Ha. Haven’t I already said that I was the Queen of Procrastination. Well, I did something accomplished. I woke up this morning and went to the Beauty Supply store in Philly, then off to my Eye Doctor’s (did I already tell you that I was blind as a bat?) Then I went to Michael’s to buy some stuff for a few gift baskets I’m making for the conference I’m going to. I’m really excited about the conference. It’s the first conference I’ll be attended as a published author. Yea! It’s in Baltimore so I hope I can get some crab cakes while I’m down there. Right now I’m working on two stories for two of my publishers. Fortunately one of them only does novellas so that one won’t be as long or as much typing, but don’t get me wrong, writing novellas is just as difficult as writing full lengths if not more difficult because you basically have to cram the entire plot of Gone With the Wind within 30K words or less and still create a good story. *sigh* The challenges of a writer. Well, I’m going to try to get some writing in before I hit the sack. Peace Out!

Friday’s Rant
Friday, February 25th, 2005
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Okay, Here is my rant for Friday. I’m too damned tired right now to rant, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty to rant about tomorrow. Peace out!

Thursday’s Rant
Thursday, February 24th, 2005
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I read Marilyn Lee’s Teacher’s Pet last night and it was a pretty hot read. I love a little mind sex before bed. Anyway, it’s official. I guess I have arrived because some jackass is spamming my damn website. Why me? Wasn’t it bad enough that I have a flat behind, or that I’m legally blind, or that my turtle is suicidal? Haven’t I suffered enough? Well, I officially have given up on Survior. That show has finally bored me. Still a huge Apprentice fan though. Or maybe it’s just Donald Trump’s hair that fascinates me. It’s like watching a train wreck. It just goes to show, with all the money in the world, there’s always some flaw….hmm does that mean that Angelina Jolie has a third nipple or something. I wonder. Oh well, Gary gave me a scare today because he wasn’t moving. False alarm, he’s still alive, the little shit. Oh well, gotta run, the apprentice is about to come on. Peace out!!

Wenesday’s Rant
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
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Just got finished watching American Idol. Why in the world do they drag that show out for an hour just to tell someone they’re going home? I’ll tell you why, because saps like me would still watch it. I think that Mikayla girl should go. She sounds like a cross between Fran Dreshire and Charlie Brown’s teacher. “Wonk wonk wonk won” Oh well. I g0t some writing done tonight. Yippee. Tonight however, I’m going to do something I haven’t been able to do. I’m going to curl up in bed early with a good book, well, actually my pda. I downloaded Marilyn Lee’s Teacher’s Pet that’s out with Loose id and I know that’s going to be hot read so I’m looking forward to it. I will tell you what I think of it when I’m finished. I know I’ll probably like it. I like all of her stuff. Maybe one day on someone else’s blog they’ll say something like, “That Eve is something else. I love all of her books” Well a girl can dream can’t she? Well I’m off for a hot read. Peace out!!!

Tuesday Night’s Rant
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
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Okay, this is my rant for the night. I guess since this is my first time posting something to my blog I will preface this by saying that this blog will reflect my personality and my opinions. I may sometimes write about my stories or upcoming things in my life, but mainly, I will talk about what I feel like. Tonight I feel like talking about American Idol and my turtle Gary.
First off, I love American Idol, that Simon is the best part of the show. I don’t know why every one hates him. He tells it like it is. I don’t always agree with him but some of these so called singers need to be told. Hey we can’t all sing. Irealize that I’m a shower singer and wouldn’t dare take it beyond that. I think American Idol should tell you something. Be honest with your friends. Many of these people go through life thinking they can sing because no one wanted to hurt their feelings, well let me tell you, it will be a lot less humiliating for them if you told them up front before they embarrass themselves on national television. I think my favorites tonight were the first girl, Vonzell, she’s got the overall package, looks, style and talent, and a two inch waist. I hate her. Okay, okay, I don’t really hate her, a little envious though. I also liked the blonde girl, that sings country. I forget her name but whether her country style of singing holds up that remains to be seen. Oh well, I will be glued to the tv tomorrow night wating the results show. I am a reality television show junkie. I’m so addicted to relality tv that I just might write a book about a reality show.
Anyway, moving on to Gary, he’s my pet turtle. Believe it or not I bought him at a flea market last year. People kept telling me that it was crazy of me to buy him from a flea market because he wouldn’t survive the car ride home, but hahaha, Gary is still alive, barely, but still alive. I really should post some pictures of him soon. He’s a little thing not much bigger than a half dollar. He has got to be the most lethargic thing I have ever seen. I think I have seen sloths who were more active than Gary. I have to poke him daily to make sure he’s still alive. Secretly, I think he’s trying to commit suicide because I have found him doing the back stroke several times. You tell me. What kind of turtle swims on his back. Hey! To all the turtle people out there give me some advice. I have a depressed turtle on my hands. *sigh* I really should be writing but I’m feeling kind of lethargic like Gary. What I need is a swift kick in the rear to get me going again. Queen of Procrastination here. Well, that’s my rant for tonight. Peace out!!