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                                                    Prologue ~ Copenhagen

“Really Blaise, if the child wanted to see dancers, couldn’t we have at least gone to the Royal Theatre instead of this place with….these people who basically amount to street performers?” The ferocious frown on Lisbeth’s face brought lines around her mouth which ruined the effect of her cool blonde beauty.

It was on the tip of his tongue to tell her she hadn’t been invited in the first place but Blaise was inclined to be indulgent. Seeing the joy on his young sister’s face more than made up for his lover’s petulance. “Perhaps you’d prefer I call my driver to take you home? Aneka and I will stick around a little longer.” There were no hidden meaning in his words but Lisbeth seemed to think there was.

“Oh, no. I wouldn’t dream of leaving the two of you here. Not when we were having so much fun. I simply pointed out if dear Aneka wants to see real dancing you should get tickets to the ballet. Besides, it can’t be good for her to be around all these people. She tires so easily and I do so worry about her.”

The teenager in question looked up at the statuesque beauty with a wry grin tilting her lips. “My legs may not work, but my hearing is just fine.”

Blaise threw his head back and released a loud chuckled. “That it is, little one.”

Red splotches colored Lisbeth’s cheeks. “Really, Blaise. You shouldn’t encourage her. What she needs is a mother to guide her on how to address her elders and to be more lady-like.”

Blaise raised a brow. “I suppose you’re volunteering for the job?”

Lisbeth brushed away an imaginary speck of dust off of her immaculate white linen jacket. “You could do a lot worse, and we’ve been dating for several months now. It’s time we moved forward with our relationship.”

“Is that so?” he asked softly.

“Yes, it is. I think I’ve been quite patient up to this point considering you’re not the only eligible bachelor in Copenhagen. My family’s name is old and respected.”

“Ah, I see. While mine is not?” He knew exactly what she was getting at. His father had been a humble fisherman before starting the company Blaise now headed and had turned into a multi-billion dollar shipping conglomerate. He realized some of the old money families looked down their aristocratic noses at his lack of pedigree, though no one would say it to his face. His bank account was large enough to grant him entrance into the upper echelons of society which he didn’t give a damn about. He wasn’t ashamed of where he’d come from. His father had worked hard as did he. The only regret he had was his parents were no longer around to enjoy the fruits his labor.

This time Lisbeth’s entire face turned bright red. “You’re deliberately misunderstanding me.”

“No, my dear. I understand you perfectly.”

Aneka’s gasp caught his attention. “Oh, Blaise, look!” She pointed in the direction of one of the three stages several meters away. “I think the American dance troupe I read about in the program is about to begin. Can we please go over there?”

Blaise smiled down into his sister’s upturned face. “Of course, precious.” He wheeled her toward the stage not bothering to check if Lisbeth followed. The angry click of heels behind him told him that she had. Not that it mattered. Today was about Aneka, not his petulant lover who was really making him rethink their relationship.

Maneuvering Aneka’s chair down the aisle, he found a couple empty seats on the end enabling him to sit next to her. Blaise paid little heed to Lisbeth when she took the empty chair next to him with a dramatic huff. He focused his attention on the stage. Two dancers clad in long-sleeved, flesh-colored unitards moved to the center of the stage, one man, one woman. They moved to a kneeling position with bowed heads. Soft music blared from the speakers as they were joined by two more dancers. The first two stood and they all moved together to the beat of the music. Four more dances joined them.

The choreography was unlike anything he’d ever seen before. The movements of the dancers were fluid and had the audience including himself riveted. And finally, one last dancer came whirling on stage in a series of spins, moving so fast he could only wonder how she didn’t pass out from getting dizzy. And just as quickly, she halted, her back facing the audience. Slowly she gyrated to the music so sensually Blaise’s breath caught in his throat. And then it happened.

When she turned around, it felt as if someone had punched him square in the stomach because all the breath whooshed out of his lungs. She was magnificent. Unlike the others, her spaghetti strap unitard was bright red, a contrast to her dark skin. Hugging her body like a second skin, it brought attention to every line of her compact frame. She must be the principal dancer.

Though slender, she was a bit more curved than most dancers usually were, particularly her ass. And what an ass it was. The gentle swell of her breasts were emphasized by an impossibly tiny waist. He knew his large hands would easily circle her midsection.

Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. Hair pulled back in a tight bun emphasized high check bones and a regal facial structure. Her lips were so full they looked to be set in permanent pout. And her eyes were huge saucers in her small perfectly sculpted face. He couldn’t quite make out their color but they looked dark from where he sat.

She leapt into the air and was caught in the capable arms of one of the male dancers before begin tossed to another. Though there was nothing overtly sexual about the choreography, the sensual way in which the tiny dancer moved to the music was damn near erotic. He’d heard the English phrase ‘poetry in motion’ before but never knew what it had meant until now.

Blaise couldn’t tear his gaze away from the stage had he wanted to. Captivated was the only word he could think of as he watched the American dancers on stage—watched her. He only had eyes for her.

“They’re all so good,” Aneka’s whisper of awe barely registered.

Blaise grunted in response incapable of speech.

And then the dancers raced off the stage and poured into the aisles, moving around the audience. His body seized up, tightening with awareness. She was only a few meters away and he could make out each feature perfectly, committing them to memory. She was even lovelier up close.

The troupe danced around the crowd and as she moved by, his lady in red, as he’d first thought of her, looked down at Aneka and smiled to reveal two devilishly deep dimples. But just as quickly as it appeared, the smile vanished as if he’d only imagined it. He would have killed for that smile.

She returned to the stage alone this time and danced and whirled around in an impressive display of her flexibility. Moments later she was joined by one of the male dancers. They moved in perfect sync, their bodies grinding against each other so closely it almost felt as if he was viewing something that should have been behind closed doors. An unfamiliar emotion seared through his body, his chest tightening and hands clenched to his sides to see this man’s hands on his lady in red, caressing her as if it were his right.

“Vulgar,” Lisbeth snorted with no little disdain.

Blaise lifted his hand to halt any other comments she may have had, yet he never turned his gaze away from the stage. He couldn’t even if he wanted to. Well and truly under the little nymph’s spell, his cock jumped to painful attention as he imagined it was him on stage, holding and lifting her, running his hands down her body as if they were lovers. He was so caught up in the fantasy, he didn’t realize the music had stopped and the number was over.

Aneka tapped his shoulder. “Wasn’t that wonderful, Blaise? I wish I could dance like that.”

He barely managed to tear his gaze off the stage before offering his little sister a smile of reassurance. She was staring down at her legs with a rueful expression on her face. “You will dance one day, precious.”

Her face lit up. “Do you think I’ll be as good as the lady on stage?”

“Of course you will.” Blaise smoothed back a strand of her blonde hair.

“It’s really unkind of you to keep giving the child false hope, Blaise.” Thankfully Lisbeth didn’t speak loud enough for Aneka to hear but he was more than fed up with her cattiness.

“That’s enough.” He pulled out the mobile phone from his breast pocket and dialed his driver. “Brandt, FrØken Sorensen requires a ride home. Can you be outside of the festival in ten minutes?” Once he made the arrangements he replaced the phone back in his pocket.

Lisbeth’s mouth fell open. “I never said I wanted to leave.”

Blaise stared at her through narrowed eyes. “But I’m telling you to. We’ll talk later.”

“But Blaise—”

“I said later.”

She flared her nostrils and tightened her lips to a thin line. But there must have been something in his eyes that made her recoil for a moment. Lisbeth pasted a smile on her face, leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Of course, we’ll talk later darling.”

She stood up and scooted by him. She dropped a light kiss on Aneka’s cheek. “Goodbye, sweet child.”

When Lisbeth’s back was turned Aneka wiped her cheek. Though his sister had never said anything against his lover Blaise had always gotten the impression that all was not as it appeared between the two of them. Now he knew. Yes, it was definitely time to re-evaluate his relationship.

“Did you enjoy the show, precious?”

“Oh, yes! It was beautiful. I wish we could meet the dancers.”

That sounded like a mighty fine idea, although there was only one dancer he was interested in meeting. It just so happened he knew a few of the event organizers. Setting up a meeting with this dance group may not be so difficult. After making a few phone calls, he found himself wheeling Aneka to the back of stages to a little house where the performers changed. He was met by one of the organizers and led inside.

They were taken to the back of the house where his friend led them to a room full of dancers and well wishers. Immediately he sought out his woman in red. She was no where to be found. Swallowing his disappointment he wheeled Aneka inside, and was introduced to the troupe by the coordinator. A young man walked over to him who he recognized as one of the dancers—the one who’d danced with his mystery lady. He hated this man, but quickly swallowed this irrational emotion as best he could.

“Herre Lundgaard, I’m honored that you’ve come to our little show.”

“Blaise, please, and you are?”

“Kirk Campion, the founder and choreographer of the Bodies in Movement Dance Troupe. We’ve only been around for a couple years but we’ve built up a nice fan base recently.”

“And you have a new worshiper—in my sister. She’s a big fan of dance.”

Kirk smiled down at the teenager. “And I’m glad you enjoyed it…?”

“Aneka. And yes, it was very lovely.”

He shook her hand. “And it’s very lovely to meet you. Let me introduce you to the rest of the dancers.”

Blaise appreciated how the young man made sure Aneka met all the dancers in the troupe but he still didn’t like him. The way those two danced together, spoke of a familiarity Blaise didn’t like one bit. Where was his lady in red? It was as if she’d disappeared off the face of the planet.

They were in the dressing room for a good half hour all the introductions made when Blaise finally decided to ask for her whereabouts. “Kirk, your principle dancer—Aneka was looking forward to meeting her in particular. Is she around?”

“Oh? Kaia? She wasn’t feeling well so she’s gone back to the hotel.”

Disappointment cut through him more than he would have expected it to. “I see. But this festival is supposed to last another few days. Perhaps we can come by another time.”

Kirk shook his head with lopsided grin. “Unfortunately, we’ll be heading to London tomorrow and staying there for a few days before going back to New York. We’re on a strict schedule.”

“Have you any plans to return to Copenhagen?” Blaise felt foolish for pursing this matter. He’d never been compelled to chase a woman before in his life yet he could think of nothing but meeting her. If he could only see her up close face to face perhaps this instant pull he felt toward her would fade and he’d be able to breathe again.

Kirk shook his head. “We wish. We loved it here but our funding is limited. As a matter of fact when we go back to the States, I’ll be busting my ass trying to find new backers.”

Blaise smiled. Maybe this would be his way in. He reached into his pocket and produced a business card. “Perhaps you can give me a call and we can discuss your finances should you find you’re in need of investors.”

The young man’s mouth popped open in apparent disbelief. “Are you serious?”

“I’m always quite serious about money.” He glanced down at his sister. “Are you ready to go, precious?”

Aneka nodded. “Yes. But Kirk, could you please tell your principal dancer she was really good.”

The young man grinned at the teenager. “I’ll be sure to pass it along.”

“Be sure that you do.” Blaise nodded his goodbyes before maneuvering Aneka’s chair out the room.

He realized then and there he’d do whatever it took meet the lovely Kaia. The only problems was: he had a feelings she could very well become an unhealthy obsession to him. Little did he realize, she already had.

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