Eve Vaughn, Romance Author

4 Play

4 Play

part of the Agency of Extraordinary Mates anthology
Agency of Extraordinary Mates, Book 1
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Trina Davis has had it with men. After coming home to find her fiancé in bed with her so-called best friend, she decides that she has been hurt for the last time, and will from then on refuse to have anything to do with men. She decides that the best thing she needs is a vacation, and attempts to book a trip to Jamaica. She soon discovers that her ex has maxed out her credit card.

Now more resolved than ever to stay away from men, she tries to pick the pieces of her life back up again, when she receives a mysterious letter in the mail saying that she has won an all expense paid trip to a new island called Chimera. Even though she thinks it may be a timeshare gimmick, she throws caution to the wind and decides to go for it. To her dismay, the island is crawling with men. She thwarts all men she comes in contact with, but three men in particular won’t take no for an answer.

Roar, Bayoh, and Talh believe they have found their perfect mate in the form of the stunning Miss Trina Davis. They come from a tribe of shifters where the women are scarce, and there are three males to every female. Can they convince Trina that she belongs to them? And can she accept them for what they are?

Maggie’s trying to put the pieces of her life back together after her husband of twenty-three years left her for another woman. Determined to start her new job with pride, she’s dismayed to meet her arrogant, super-sexy boss.

As passion threatens their hearts, a powerful enemy from GianMarco’s past threatens their very lives.