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part of the Agency of Extraordinary Mates anthology
Agency of Extraordinary Mates, Book 3
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Trina Davis has found the man of her dreams…well, men of her dreams.

Roar, Bayoh, and Talh are everything she ever wanted. They’re kind, considerate, treat her like a queen, and great in bed. The only problem? They’re the Alpha Triad from a mythical tribe called the Manani, a group of shifter cats. While things were great on the magical island she’d met them on, they now expect her to rule at their side as the Alpha female of their tribe.

The Manani believe they have good reasons to hate humans. Trina soon discovers that she has enemies who will stop at nothing to get rid of her. The more she tries to fix things on her own, the more trouble she finds herself in. To top things off, a rift begins to grow between her and the men she loves.

When the situation goes from bad to worse, can Trina swallow her pride and turn to her men for help?

Read an Excerpt

“It’s a shame we have to leave this gorgeous island.” Trina sighed, stretching out on the beach, letting the sun’s rays tickle her body with their warmth.

Bayoh dropped a light kiss on her stomach. “I’ll miss Chimera as well, but we’ve been absent from Laiocean for two weeks now. Our people are probably wondering when we’re coming back.” He chuckled.

“Of course they know we’ll be back. Word was sent last week, but you so convincingly persuaded us to stay another week,” Roar added.

“As if you’re complaining. Besides, the first week didn’t count.” Trina pouted.

Roar lifted his blond head, his aquamarine eyes staring at her with confusion. “How do you mean?”

“Well, I spent most of the week fighting what I felt for the three of you so I didn’t completely enjoy the full experience of the island,” she reasoned.

Roar ran his hand along the expanse of her stomach. “You’re gorgeous,” he murmured. “Hmm, perhaps you didn’t enjoy the first half of the vacation, but there were no complaints at night.”

Trina giggled. “Yes, I suppose you’re right. You guys gave me nothing to complain about at night. Speaking of which, shouldn’t we go back to our bungalow if we’re going to take this any further?”

Bayoh nuzzled her neck. “You’re ready to fuck again?”

She shivered. Talh moved to her feet and began to kiss her ankles. Roar moved closer and fondled her breasts with large skilled hands. “We can’t do this right here in the middle of the beach. Anyone could just walk up on us,” she moaned, despite the delicious sensations coursing through her body.

“This is our private stretch of beach, remember?” Roar grinned, trailing his fingers along her stomach again.

Trina sighed, arching her back against their touches. She couldn’t remember a time when she’d been this content. Her heart swelled with love for these three gorgeous hunks. Each had his own distinct personality. Roar was the lighthearted one and often the spokesperson for the group. He made her laugh and realize that life didn’t always have to be so serious.

Bayoh was fiery. He shot straight from the hip and his directness sometimes took her breath away. He was a man’s man. He had a way of making her feel like a woman. Then there was Talh. Though quiet and often serious, he was the most sensitive of the three. The intensity of his aqua gaze left her panting. He was always tender and gentle with her.

If someone had told her a few weeks ago that she’d fall in love with three men, she’d have laughed, especially since Trina had sworn off men after finding her live-in boyfriend in bed with her best friend. Her best male friend.

Her mind briefly drifted to Tim of the golden skin and long dreadlocks. He was handsome, and a good lay, but a good-for-nothing bum who apparently was also bi-sexual. She’d threatened to cut off his penis after catching him in bed with Twan. The last time she’d seen him, he was running buck naked out of her house. He was probably doing okay now. His kind always managed to land on their feet.

That didn’t matter anymore. She’d be starting a new life with three men she was madly in love with. At times it was scary to think about how she’d fallen so hard and fast for them. She was still trying to reconcile the fact that they weren’t human and actually beings called Manani, a people whose natural form was leonine.

It frightened her when they’d shifted in front of her for the first time, so after that one night they’d stayed in their humanoid form. It was something she’d grow used to in time, but for now she was happy to see them as two-legged men rather than four-legged cats.


Trina would miss this magical island that had brought them together. Who would have thought the free vacation would actually turn out so wonderfully? When she’d received a letter in the mail stating that she won a free vacation, Trina smelled a rat. People like her didn’t win free vacations, not without a catch. Normally she would have thrown the letter away and not given it another thought, but because her life had been in disarray at the time of its arrival, she’d called the number in a weak moment.

She’d booked the vacation and was told she’d only have to take a survey at the end to tell the people in charge what she thought of the island. Things had been great in the beginning and she actually began to take the place at face value. The island was gorgeous, the staff courteous, and her accommodations were something right out of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Then she began seeing things that just weren’t supposed to be, like winged people, talking animals, men who looked like elves. That’s when she knew Chimera was no ordinary island. Around the time of this discovery was when she met Roar, Bayoh, and Talh. They’d pursued her relentlessly until she lost the will to run.

The fact that they had tails didn’t register until she’d already fallen under their spell. She smiled as she remembered that first night with them. It had certainly been something to remember.

Bayoh lifted one dark brow, his lips twisted in amusement. “What do you find so funny?”

Trina’s smile widened, her eyes locking with his. “I’m just thinking of our first night together. You three probably thought I was a little bit crazy.”

“Not crazy, just confused. We could hardly expect you not to be apprehensive as you’ve never known one of our kind before.” Roar trailed his hand over her hot skin, his fingertips resting just above the top of her bikini bottom. Trina sucked in her breath in anticipation. She wanted to feel his fingers on and inside her pussy.

Obviously reading her actions correctly, Roar cocked his blond head to the side, a grin splitting his face when he undid the ties on her bikini bottom. Talh kissed and massaged her feet and ankles while Bayoh bent his dark head to nuzzle one throbbing breast with the side of his face.

“Oh, my goodness,” she moaned, wanting more.

Roar pulled her bikini bottom away, leaving Trina naked from the waist down. Her body shook with desire. She had to bite her lower lip to stop herself from screaming, not wanting someone to hear them.

“Don’t hold anything back, Trina. Scream for us if you want,” Talh whispered. A lock of dark red hair fell over his forehead as he ran his lips along the side of her calves.

“This may be a private beach, but what if someone heard us?” She groaned, finding it hard to concentrate when Roar’s hand was steadily inching toward her damp slit.

“So what? Let them. They’ll know without a doubt that you belong to us.”