Eve Vaughn, Romance Author


I thought we were untouchable, safe from The Registry and the invaders who essentially turned my people into their slaves. But my idyllic life was brought to an abrupt end when the Enforcers ripped us from our homes, tearing families apart. I was certain my defiance of the new laws would surely result in my death until I heard that fateful word: Breeder.

Not only was I selected to breed with one of the very creatures I grew to fear and hate. But I was chosen for him. Their leader. So fierce, and cruel. So why do I tremble when he stares at me with his mesmerizing green eyes? Or tremble when he touches me. Why does he make me forget what his people have done to mine, what he’s done to me? I am now his to do with whatever and however he pleases. And I’m left to wonder, if death would have been preferable.