Eve Vaughn, Romance Author


Every month, I will interview a new author and introduce you to some great new reads.
This month’s author is: Selena Illyria.

Selena Illyria

Eve: Hi Selena, thanks for agreeing to this interview.

Selena: You’re Welcome. Thank You for wanting to interview me.

Eve: So tell us a little about yourself.

Selena: Hmmm . . . . let’s see, what can I tell you that doesn’t make me sound boring? LOL. Okay, can’t think of anything that won’t make me sound boring. LOL. I’m 26 years old, I have a spoiled cat, who I love to bits. When I’m not writing or trying to run Amok, I enjoy reading (when I can), listening to music (my tastes vary) and watching TV (too many tv shows to name a few). Hmmm . . . that’s about it. LOL. Boring, yes?

Eve: Not boring. Sedate maybe, but never boring. Your first book was recently released. Could you tell us a little about it?

Selena: It’s called A Fling In Vampiropolis. Imagine if you could rub elbows with the paranormal. Ask vampires a question, talk to werewolves about the full moon. You can in Vampiroplolis. My heroine Nevada Justice, decided to forgo the usual vacation destinations in favor of visiting Vampiropolis a city founded by vampires.

When she decides to go to a pub and hang out with the locals, she gets more than she bargained for when she meets Lucian Sandros, a local vampire, whom she ends up having a fling with. Before she leaves they end up having a fight and she doubts she’ll see him again. She doesn’t count on him going after her.

Eve: Sounds Yummy! When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Selena: I’m not sure when I knew. I just know that once I started getting idea about stories and characters, I needed to write them down. Tell the stories of the characters I had in my head.

Eve: Those voice just drive us authors crazy don’t they? LOL.What are you currently working on?

Selena: I’ve just finished Lida’s story (she’s Lucian’s sister from Fling) and started working on a vampire story. Not sure where it’s going but I’m enjoying writing it.

Eve: What other authors inspire you?

Selena: Aw geez, there are just toooo many to name and the list keeps growing. LOL.

Eve: If you didn’t write, what other career would you have taken up?

Selena: I would have loved to have been in interior design. I love being creative.

Eve: What don’t you like about writing?

Selena: Writer’s block. It’s like smashing your head up against a brick wall over and over again. Ugh.

Eve: I know how you feel. That can be a killer sometimes. Where would you like your writing to eventually take you?

Selena: Into print.

Eve: I don’t doubt that will happen for you. Where can readers find your books?

Selena: So far, only at Changeling Press. I only have one book out right now.

Eve: And your website?

Selena: Readers can visit me at www.selenaillyria.com

Eve: Now for the fun questions

Selena: Should I be scared? LOL

Eve: I promise to be gentle. If you were Barbie who would you date, Ken or G.I. Joe?

Selena: Aw Maaaaaan, they’re not anatomically correct. Oh well. Okay, Ken is too whipped. But G.I. Joe hmm . . . he’s a bit rough around the edges I would say so, Yoooo, Joe! LMAO.

Eve: What’s your favorite curse word?

Selena: Can I say it here? Ooooh, okay, I love the word, fuck, it’s so multifaceted. You can use it for so many things; an insult, a command, an exclamation of surprise. *Grin*

Eve: I’m so surprised at you. Here I thought you were a sweet innocent. Shame on you. *g* If stalking was legal, who would you stalk?

Selena: Aw geez, isn’t the point of stalking that they not know? What if they read this? Oh well, here we go, let’s see who would I stalk? Hmmm . . . Can I stalk more than one person? Okay, I’m not sure if he’s well known. He played Vince in Fast and Furious. His name is Matt Schulze, he’s very talented, acting, directing can play the guitar, and to me is sexy as hell. Lol.

Eve: Do you know where Waldo is?

Selena: With the tooth fairy getting high off laughing gas. *nods head* I saw them or was that a hallucination brought on by Nyquil, hmmm . . . .

Eve: You should probably lay off the Nyquil. That stuff is no joke. What’s worse, a hairy back or a hairy butt?

Selena: You’re making me chose? Aw man, can I say both? No? Okay, um, um . . . ewwww, um, hairy butt. Yes, a hairy butt.

Eve: I agree although both are pretty vomit inducing. If you committed murder, where would you hide the body?

Selena: Well, if I was a bazillionare I’d hide it in space. *nods head* But since I’m not, I’d say shark tank?

Eve: I have a confession, I let the dogs out. Now it’s your turn. Tell us one of your deep dark dirty secrets.

Selena: Is that a euphemism? Did you really let the dogs out or you know let one rip? Deep, dark, dirty secrets, hmmmmm . . . I like Ace of Base, how’s that? LOL. Am I getting disowned now?

Eve: I’ll let your bad taste in music slide this time. Lucky for you, I like you so much. If the last two men on Earth were Flavor Flav and Donald Trump and you had to pick one, which would it be?

Selena: Oh lord, I just threw up in my mouth. Sweet lord, why? Why are they the only ones left? Take me now! I have to pick huh? Damn, okay, I’ll choose Donald Trump. And while he’s sleeping I’ll shave off the comb over. Hehehehe.

Eve: If a restaurants sign says no shirt, no shoes, no service, do you think I could get away with walking in without any pants?

Selena: Well they didn’t say no pants sooo yup, I think you could. LOL.

Eve: Old Country Buffet, here I come!!What’s more out of style, a guy with a mullet or a guy with a rat’s tail? And would you make out with a guy who sported either one?

Selena: Can I say both? I’d say rat’s tail. Every time I’d see it, I’d want to cut it off. At least with the mullet, well, it’s not as annoying. Nope, wouldn’t make out with either. They’d have to do something with their hair, like cut off the mullet and rat’s tail before I’d go anywhere near them. LOL.

Eve: Do you think Nick Cannon is the luckiest guy on Earth?

Selena: Yes, either that or Mariah is just really desperate.

Eve: It might be a little of both. Thank you for your time. Before you go, could you please tell us how we can contact you?

Selena: You can contact me at selenaillyria826@gmail.com. Thank you for interviewing me.