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part of the Descendants of the Light anthology
Descendants of the Light, Book 2
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Genesis Johnson is fast losing control of her well-ordered life. She needs time to think and sort things out. Although she’s a brilliant doctor, she may well lose her job when she breaks hospital protocol and runs afoul of the hospital administration.

Genesis and her sister take a road trip — only to find themselves in the middle of nowhere. Her day only gets worse when she’s taken captive by one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever seen. Fireworks erupt between her and her redhead captor, Prince Kalian.

Spirited away to another world, she learns she is not only one of the last remaining descendants of a race known for their healing power, but she must also become the bride of one of the Ceyan Princes. The only Ceyan she wants is Prince Kalian, and he wants her too!

Read an Excerpt

“If those bastards think they’ve heard the last of me, then they have another think coming! I saved that kid’s life and as thanks I get suspended. I can’t believe I might lose my hospital privileges for doing my damn job! Does that make sense to you?” Genesis’s eyes welled up with angry tears.

“You can get hospital privileges somewhere else. You’re a brilliant doctor.” Eden patted her sister on the shoulder in reassurance.

“Do you honestly think they will give me a good reference to go elsewhere? Hello?” Genesis’s hand tightened on the steering wheel.

“Gen, I understand your frustration, but you don’t have to speak to me like that.”

Genesis bit her lip. “I’m sorry.”

The problem preying on her mind now was whether she would still have a place to work at week’s end. Genesis knew Randolph had been looking for an excuse to get rid of her from the beginning. It didn’t matter that the child probably would have died if she hadn’t helped him. She’d broken hospital protocol.

“Hey, Gen. Where did you go?” Eden’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

“Oh, I’m sorry, hon. What did you say?” Genesis took her eyes off the road to look at her sister who was twirling one long braid with her fingers.

“I was just saying we’ve been driving for hours. I need to stretch my legs. Where are we anyway?”

“I don’t really know.” Genesis drove to clear her mind, with Eden tagging along at times. Somehow this time they’d ended up in what looked like Redneck Junction. “I think we should go to the next town before we get out of the car. I’m not waiting around for men in white sheets to come out and greet us.”

Eden giggled. “This place doesn’t seem so bad. You’re being silly.”

“I’m not being silly. I’ve see places like this in the movies. Do you ever see any black people in them?”

“Before we go, could you turn down that dirt road?” Eden pointed to the little turnoff up ahead.

“Why?” Even as Genesis asked the question, she felt the need to do exactly that. They drove for about half a mile before they came upon a little shack.

Eden stepped out of the car as Genesis pulled to a stop. “Eden, get back here.”

Ignoring her sister, the smaller woman walked toward a mangled looking car. It was as if someone had ripped the roof off of it.

“Have you ever seen anything like this?”

“I think we should get out of here.”

“I suppose we should start heading back. I have a lot of book reports to grade tonight.” Eden sighed.

“Yes, and I have to sit around twiddling my thumbs while I wait for that pompous asshole Hawthorne to convince the rest of the board members to get rid of me.”

“Being negative about it won’t change anything. You’re a fighter, Gen. We’ll get through this.”

“Listen, little Miss Sunshine, everything isn’t all goodness and light. I’ve been fighting since the minute I earned my medical degree. I’ve had to jump through hoops to do the only job I ever really wanted. I’m sick of it. Has it occurred to you that maybe I’m just too tired to fight anymore?” Genesis ranted.

The stricken look on Eden’s face was enough to stop her tirade. There she went again, snapping at her sister when she wasn’t to blame. “Eden, I’m –”

“Genesis, look out!”

Before she could react to her sister’s scream, a pair of arms wrapped around her from behind.