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part of the Blood Brothers anthology
Blood Brothers, Book 2
Eve Vaughn Books • January, 28 2014
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She was the one he couldn’t forget…

Vampire, night club owner Niccolo Grimaldi has made a lot of hard choices. The hardest? Walking away from his child and the woman he could never forget. But for their safety, he knows he must stay away.

When witch, Sasha Romanova met Niccolo Grimaldi, she believed she had found the one who would love her, faults and all. That is until dark forces were used to keep them apart. When tragedy struck Sasha and Niccolo sought comfort in each other’s arms. But that one night of bliss doesn’t last and Sasha is left to raise their son alone.

Thirty years later Sasha must come face to face with the man she never stopped loving when their son goes missing. In order to find their son before their enemies do, she must convince him to listen to his heart as they journey on a path of danger, intrigue, and lust.

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Marco frowned as though sensing the conflict within him. “Dante —”

“Please don’t say it. It is something I am dealing with,” he said with self-disgust.

“In time I know this will pass.”

“It hasn’t yet. I think I should go.”

“Please don’t. Maggie would be disappointed if you left soon.”

“No. I must go. Please give your wife my regards.”

Maggie re-entered the room. “Are you leaving so soon?”

Marco frowned “Baby, are you okay? That was quick.”

“False alarm. Dante, you are not going anywhere until I cook you a proper meal. I’m going to make you some fried pork chops, collard greens, rice, and corn bread.” Her hands were on her hips and she spoke like she meant business.

“That sounds delicious. How could I refuse?” And how could I say no to you when you smile at me like that?

“Good. Let me put some of these things away and I will start dinner.” As she turned away, Maggie nearly collapsed. He and Marco were at her side instantly, each of them holding an elbow. She grabbed for Marco, and Dante let go.

“I think it’s time for your feeding,” Marco said, holding her steady.

“Yes, it just hit me suddenly. I’ve been a vampire for two months and I still haven’t gotten used to this.” She laughed softly.

Marco lifted her into his arms and she buried her face in his neck.

“I should be going,” Dante said, feeling like an intruder.

Maggie lifted her head. “Don’t …”

“No, you need some privacy. I was just passing through anyway.”

“We won’t be long,” Marco said.

A faint smile touched Dante’s lips. “When have you two been quick about a feeding?”

Marco looked down at Maggie and, although his brother’s thoughts were blocked to him Dante knew he was communicating with her telepathically. Maggie glanced at him with a tentative expression on her face.

“Dante … maybe … you would like to take part in my feeding?” she asked shyly.

Dante gasped. Had Marco put her up to it? It couldn’t have been her idea. He knew she cared for him, but not the same way he did for her.

“No, I couldn’t.” His eyes locked with his brother’s as he touched his mind. I can’t. You know how I feel.

I know you want to, Marco shot back. And I know how you feel, but I also know you want this … badly. It’s just a feeding and I trust you.

“Join us,” Maggie whispered.

Dante’s eyes drifted to her lips. Her eyes strayed to his cock, which was straining painfully against his pants. He sighed. This was a fight he knew he couldn’t win.

As though sensing his acquiescence, Marco turned around and carried Maggie up the stairs. Dante followed.

He watched as Marco laid Maggie on the bed and began undressing himself. Dante’s trembling fingers unbuttoned his own shirt, his eyes never leaving her quivering body. She seemed to only focus on Marco though. He should walk away — but he couldn’t. Maybe all he needed was to bury himself between her thighs just once more and this unholy feeling he had for her would vanish.

His cock ached from wanting her. He licked his dry lips in anticipation of what was to come. When Marco was nude, he began to undress Maggie, kissing the flesh he exposed. “I never get tired of taking your clothes off,” he whispered to his wife.

Dante stood naked, watching them as he stroked his cock. He took in every inch of Maggie’s bare body. She looked like a lush chocolate goddess. Her large, round breasts were crowned with huge nipples that were so dark they were almost black. They looked so suckable it made his mouth water from wanting to taste them. The tangy scent of her pussy drifted to his nostrils and he could not stand idle any longer. He walked over to the bed to join them.

Maggie tore her eyes away from Marco and gave Dante a tentative smile. It was all the encouragement he needed. He pulled her away from his brother and wrapped his arms around her, burying his face in her neck and inhaling deeply. He felt her incisors sink into the tender flesh between his shoulder and neck.

Dante thought he would explode with the erotic sensation of her sucking so hungrily. The feel of her breast crushed against his chest was nearly more than he could take.

Marco kissed her back and neck as she fed. Dante held her head tightly against him. “That’s enough, piccola, ” he whispered to her. She lifted her head reluctantly. A drop of his blood ran down the corner of her mouth to her chin. Dante leaned over and licked the trail of blood from her face, causing Maggie to shiver. “Mmm, that was delicious, Dante, but I want more.” Her sensual lips pouted.

Dante felt his balls tighten. How he ached for this woman — a woman who didn’t even belong to him. She pushed him down on the bed and slid her body down the length of his. He cried out at the friction her skin created against his. She licked her lips, eyeing his cock with a hungry gleam. Her lips brushed against the swollen head of his rock-hard shaft.

Marco grabbed her hips and positioned her on her knees before plunging into her. The rush of Maggie’s warm breath against his cock made Dante’s blood boil. She wrapped her fingers around him and licked the drop of pre-cum that dripped from him. “This is so good. It’s been a while since I’ve been fed this way,” she murmured before taking him fully into her mouth.

Dante moaned in pleasure as her lips slid down the length of his pole. She seemed to be trying to cram as much of his cock into her mouth as she could get. Her body shuddered over his as Marco pounded into her from behind — even as her mouth moved up and down on his dick. She sucked him so deeply that he felt as though she would swallow him whole. Her mouth moved over him with a wild hunger that sent shockwaves of pleasure rippling through his body.

Dante reached out to bury his fingers into her thick, soft hair. The decadent feeling of her lips bobbing up and down on him was heady, but he secretly craved to sink himself between her thick creamy thighs. “ Dio, Maggie. I don’t know if I can control myself when you do that to me.” He threw his head back and closed his eyes.