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RCA: Seducing Serena

Seducing Serena

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part of the Rookery Cove Multi-Author anthology
Rookery Cove, part of the series
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Conservative Serena Thomas finds herself deeply attractive to two gorgeous hunks, but the problem is, they both seem to be involves already, with each other. When Serena’s past comes back to haunt her in the form of the old boyfriend who’d broke her heart, she decides to take Maddox up on his offer and go back to Rockery Cove with him and Dalos. Once there she wants to focus only on her job, but it gets harder when Maddox and Dalos make it clear to her that they both want more than just a working relationship.

Serena doesn’t know how to handle the attention of these two gorgeous hunks, but she can’t stop fantasizing about how hot it had been to see the two of them together, and what it would be like to be the meat in their sandwich.

When an invitation to dinner leads to a night of three way passion, Dalos and Maddox, realize without a doubt that Serena is definitely the person to complete their threesome. Serena on the other hand, though willing to give them her body, is reluctant to give them her heart.
Dalos and Maddox, however won’t take no for an answer.

Read an Excerpt

Dalos looked over the production numbers with a frown. The sales this month were horrible — well, maybe not that bad. Actually, his division had made a profit, but that was only to be expected. The company’s name alone would sell their products. He’d expected to see a much larger profit margin because of the new line of dildos they’d launched at Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs.

What they needed was fresh meat. While he was pleased with the work done by the craftsmen employed by the company, something was missing. He didn’t know what but it was one of those things you just knew. Damn, he wished Maddox was here instead of on another headhunting trip.

His cock twitched as he thought of his lover with his long lithe body, piercing black eyes, and shaggy brown hair that touched the small of his back. How many hours had they lain together while he ran his fingers through Maddox’s wild mane? His mother would shudder if she were here to see his choice of lovers. She wouldn’t object on the basis of Maddox’s sex, but to the fact that he was a Wood Elf.

Most High Elves thought the wild, nomadic savage Elves were beneath them. Dalos used to feel that way himself until he left his home many years ago. Many of his views had changed greatly when he’d lost his former lover to his weak-willed older brother, Lalios.

He’d believed Aerwyn loved him, but in truth she was more interested in being queen, as his brother would one day ascend to the throne. She’d shed pretty tears and claimed he was too forceful for her, while the effeminate Lalios was more to her taste. Dalos knew the truth, however.

What really bothered him the most was that his brother, who he’d constantly defended, had known of Dalos’s feelings for the beautiful Aerwyn, but thought nothing of courting her. After a lot of soul searching, away from the influence of his family, he realized he was much better off without the lovely schemer. Although she was indisputably the fairest woman among his people, Dalos knew she would have made him miserable with her constant demands for attention and the way she liked to stir up trouble.

Working for Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs had been a blessing. When he’d left Armenea, he found this peaceful island and decided to put down roots. It was only by chance he met the owner of the popular factory and was given a job. Now he was an executive — the director of the sex toy division.

He stood up and walked to the window overlooking the cove. Watching the crash of the waves against the rocks was therapeutic, serving to ease the tension in his tight body. He caught a glimpse of Manx, their head of security, walking along the beach. He was probably trolling for unwanted visitors. Dalos hoped for the sake of any would-be intruders they stayed away, or they’d likely be eaten. He’d heard Manx was hungry.

Dalos knew what he really needed — a quick fuck. Even if Maddox were here, that wouldn’t be possible. The sex had never been hotter with anyone else like it was with Maddox, but when they came together it was a constant struggle for control.

Both men were dominant personalities who liked to be in charge in their personal lives and in the bed. At first they’d tried to work things out by taking turns being the one in charge in the bedroom, but they both grew restless with playing the sub. Their feelings for each other ran deep, but it was getting harder to deal with this particular issue.

Dalos thought about the last time they’d fucked. They’d both left the encounter with several bruises and love marks. There was no one else he cared for more, but just once he wanted someone to bend to his will, let him take the lead. With Maddox, that wouldn’t happen. His lover wasn’t one to express his feelings, but Dalos could tell Maddox was of the same mind.

He didn’t want to lose Maddox, but something had to give. He had an idea of how he might resolve it, but didn’t know how the Wood Elf would take the suggestion.

His mind drifted to his lover’s long, sinewy body. Maddox was lean, but he was all corded muscles. Even in a business suit and with shaggy long brown hair pulled back with a leather thong, the Wood Elf still looked wild and feral. His dark eyes always seemed as though they could see right through one’s soul.

He wasn’t handsome. It was too trite a word to describe all the character packed into his craggy features, but he had that certain something that made people give him a second and often a third look. Most women and quite a few men couldn’t help but stare when Maddox walked into a room, and he was all Dalos’s. A slow smile touched his lips at the thought.

Just then the door crashed open and then closed again. Only one person in the company dared to enter his office in such a manner. “You’re back earlier than expected,” Dalos greeted Maddox, his gaze never leaving the scene outside.

“Yes, Branimir wasn’t very hard to convince. He was very pleased with the package I had to offer him, and decided to start working for the company right away.”

“I wonder how he’ll do working with the phoenix,” Dalos mused.

Maddox walked behind him and wrapped strong arms around his waist. “No longer my problem. I’m a headhunter, not personnel.”

Dalos’s cock jumped to attention when he felt Maddox’s warm breath against his ear. The Wood Elf nipped his ear lobe, before sucking it into his mouth. He lowered one muscular hand and cupped Dalos’s erection in the palm of his hand.

Dalos groaned in pleasure. “Mmm, I guess we’re of the same mind right now.” He leaned back against Maddox’s hard chest.

“Yes. I’ve been thinking about your cock and tight ass the entire plane ride home. I couldn’t wait for tonight.”

“I’m glad.” In one swift move, Dalos pulled out of his lover’s embrace and then turned to face him. He pulled Maddox against him, their mouths smashing together. Dalos thrust his tongue past delectable lips to taste and conquer, but Maddox would have none of that, his tongue meeting Dalos’s, dancing and twining around it in a sensual duel of passion.

Dalos untied the leather thong holding Maddox’s hair back before digging his fingers into the wild mane. He reveled in the feel of the soft curtain of hair between his fingers. Grinding his cock against Maddox’s thigh, Dalos was on fire. The heat coursing through his body was so intense he felt as though he’d burst into flames at any moment.

He tore his mouth away to catch his breath, his eyes locking with smoldering dark ones. He wanted this man more than he’d ever wanted anything. Needed him. Today, however, he wouldn’t let Maddox have his way. Yanking on the Wood Elf’s dark locks, he tugged the dark cape of hair, exposing the expanse of Maddox’s throat. He nipped at the tanned flesh, tasting and savoring the delicious flavor of his love. Dalos pressed kisses on Maddox’s neck and shoulders before releasing the grip.

This wasn’t enough. He wanted flesh on flesh contact. Maddox was obviously of the same mind, because they hurriedly undressed each other, not bothering to be careful with snaps or buttons, both frantic with the raging hunger that could only be satisfied by one thing.

When they both stood naked, rock hard, their cocks touching, he admired the sinewy symmetry of his lover’s body. He ran his fingers over Maddox’s tight pectorals lightly dusted with dark curly hair. “I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of your body.”

Maddox lifted an eyebrow, a smug grin on his sensual lips. “Nor I yours. I’m pleased you missed me as much as I did you, but I will have my way again.”

“Oh, no you won’t. The last time I gave in to you. Now it’s my turn.”