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Satan has a little sister……….
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
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And her name is Lynette. I’ve recently started working out trying to live a healthy lifestyle and all that junk, but who knew excercising would be such hard work. I joined a gym and I’m starting to notice some subtle differences in my body, so I decided to take a club boxing class. Sounds like fun right? Hell no. It sucked ass. While trying to gasp for breath, Lynette the aerobics instructor spat abuse at use telling us quitting was for losers. Well lose this bitch (since you can’t see what I’m doing I’ll tell you. I’m holding up my … Read more

Thursday, October 6th, 2005
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I would like to sincerely apologize to Miss Lena Matthews. Lena did not exactly say my site was ugly, although she did imply it. :-D I humbly throw myself at her mercy. I beg her not to reveal my dirty little secret. She is all that is good and kind. Lena is great. She is super. I wish I could be more like her. I am slime. … Read more

My New Site
Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
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What do you think about? Isn’t it beautiful. I owe it to Lena Matthews because she told me my website sucked so it motivated me to finally getting it updated. I didn’t think my website sucked before, it was just in the beginning process is all, and I think my friend who set it up is awesome. He does beautiful websites, he’s just a busy man. So I have a few people to thank for my beautiful site, Dave, thanks for laying the foundation. Lena, thanks for giving me the kick in the ass I needed, to The Diva (Jacque) … Read more