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The Devil’s Plaything-Now Available at Loose-id
Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
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She didn’t have time to wonder; her bedroom door suddenly flew open, and her shocked gaze met Maxwell Sterling’s intent stare as he stood in the entrance. “I told you I’d be back, Olivia. You knew I wouldn’t stay away -- and you don’t want me to, though you try to pretend otherwise.” She gulped, mesmerized by the intensity of his green eyes, her heart beating erratically. She couldn’t move a muscle to save her life, but was it fear that kept her immobile or the strength of his gaze? Either way, her eyes widened with each step he took toward her bed. “Please.” Although she knew it was pointless, she begged, but her voice came out as a whispered croak that wasn’t convincing even to her own ears. “I don’t want this.” But as had happened the night before and the ones preceding that, he didn’t heed her words. To make matters worse, her traitorous body heated up in anticipation as she watched him shrug off his shirt. She licked suddenly dry lips. His black hair was slightly longer than fashionable, touching his awesomely broad shoulders. He stared at her from a chiseled, rough-hewn face that should have seemed harsh, but somehow it suited him, his features the kind that would make women look more than twice. Momentarily distracted by a brilliant blue pendant around Max’s neck, Olivia nearly didn’t notice the rest of him. Which would have been a tragedy. A lean chest with a dusting of dark hair tapered to a ripped and flat abdomen, all serving to enhance his maleness. The outline of his erection pressed against pants that clung to his hips. She wondered why he didn’t remove the rest of his clothes but wasn’t allowed to dwell on it as the bed depressed under his weight. “Olivia, you may be in denial still, but I won’t play your game of make-believe. Let there be no doubt in your mind that we will be together. Your responses prove my point.” “Because you make me. I can’t want this; I don’t want it.” He tugged off her reading glasses and carefully placed them on her nightstand. A shiver of desire ran up her spine, and she silently cursed her body’s weakness, railed at herself for caving so easily to this man. Heat continued to course through her, making her tremble for his touch… and all the while he studied her as though he was looking directly into her soul. Finally, Max cupped her cheeks between calloused palms, reminding her that he’d worked hard for his living, that he wasn’t one of the idle rich. His hands were large and strong, almost engulfing her entire face. Much to her secret and shameful delight, he brought his lips down to hers. The kiss started out as a gentle pressing of lips, but mere seconds later, a groan escaped his mouth, and his embrace turned almost savage. He pressed his tongue against the seam of her lips, tracing the soft flesh and sending pulses of delight shooting to her very core. Resistance wasn’t an option, because Max would not be denied. He grasped a handful of her hair, tugging it as the kiss transformed yet again into a blatant stamp of possession. Olivia gasped; her parted lips gave him room to slide his tongue into the cavern of her mouth. Then she whimpered at the forcefulness of his sweeping exploration. “So sweet,” he whispered. Max’s thumb circled her jaw, massaging it in a sensual motion. Abruptly, he released his grip on her hair and pushed her against the pillows, settling his powerful, broad body over hers. Unable to help herself, Olivia slid her fingers through the strands of his thick hair, reveling in the silky texture. His taste, scent, and touch were so wonderfully male, titillating all her senses and making her aware of the contrast between her femininity and his masculinity. She squirmed beneath him, trying to temper the fire inside her wet, pulsing pussy. Her panties grew moist and her nipples drew to painfully tight tips, straining against the satiny material of her nightgown. Wanting him like she’d never desired anyone else, she pushed her own tongue out to meet his, licking and doing some exploring of her own. Max caressed her shoulders, then pushed away the straps of her gown. The top fell into a puddle at her waist, revealing her bare breasts. He cupped her sensitive breasts, squeezing the furled nubbins at the apices between his thumbs and forefingers. “Yes,” she moaned, not caring about anything except how he made her feel. Gone was her uncertainty. She’d worry about that later. For now, she’d take the pleasure he offered so freely. “That’s right, my angel, give in to me completely,” he commanded softly as he lowered his head and took one waiting peak between his teeth. Max nipped, sucked, and laved it with ferocious strokes of his tongue, driving Olivia to the point of insanity. She didn’t know how much sensual torture she could handle, nor did she know what she would do if he stopped. Digging her fingers into his hair, she held his head against her chest. “God, yes,” she groaned. She couldn’t believe how he’d transformed her into a mindless bundle of nerves in such a short period of time. A questing hand slid up her thigh, pushing up her gown and stopping only when his fingertips touched the edge of her panties. He raised his head long enough to shoot her a grin. “You’re sopping wet and hot as hell. There’s no way you can continue to deny what we share.” Caught up in the whirl of lust, Olivia lost all shame. She parted her thighs, desperately eager for his touch. She could only focus on feeling his fingers sliding over her panties. He ran his long digits over her mound, rubbing her pussy through the soaked cloth covering it. “Mmm, you’re so wet for me, you can barely stand it, isn’t that right? It would take nothing for me to glide straight into this tight little cunt, don’t you agree, angel?”
The Zoo-Now Available at Changeling Press
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
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The Cyrellians appear friendly, offering hope to a battered and devastated Earth. But three women soon make startling discoveries that could very well change the fate of their home world yet again.
With the help of Cyrellian technology, Bella may soon hear for the first time. When she goes to their lab for tests, she finds herself sold off — as a pet in an alien zoo! Although she’s expected to mate with a “creature” of her kind, she can’t fight her attraction to Dar, the zookeeper assigned to oversee her training.

Dar has a knack for dealing with the … Read more

Wedding Stud-Now Available at Ellora’s Cave
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
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Desperate for a date to her cousin’s wedding, Penny Marsh resorts to contacting an escort service. Little does she know, Studs for Hire is no ordinary escort service, but a cover for a mate-finding business for lonely immortals.

Nicholas has spent centuries searching for his true mate, and finally finds her in a lovely date for the night. He falls for the shy beauty right away, but how will she react when she learns the truth about Studs for Hire? And that he’s a vampire.



For once, she was pleased with her appearance, but what was the point … Read more