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Monday’s Rant
Monday, March 14th, 2005
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Okay, I haven’t ranted in a couple a days so I have a lot to rant about. I am very pleased to find out that GianMarco’s Muse received a 5 star review at JERR and Ecatera!!! Can you belive that? Lil ole me getting 5 star reviews. I’m beginning to wonder who is this Eve Vaughn person because I don’t think it’s me. Even though I am starting to build a nice little fan base, it still surprises me when people tell me how much they enjoy my stories. Wow, I have two out so far so i hope the third book lives up to the first two. They are all different genres so I guess we’ll see what they say about my contemp A Night To Remember. Writing paranomals are fun because you get to make stuff up but Contemps are tough because you have to make them interesting enough for readers to want to read while making it realistic. Well, I’ll find out soon enough (biting my nails) Now, for my Dante dilemma. I’m still getting lots of feedback on Dante and I think my other characters are starting to feel a little left out, LOL. Oh well, it was explained to me that women love the dark tortured male type and I suppose no one is more tortured than Dante. Oh well, I hope I’m not disappointing people when I tell them that Niccolo’s story is next. Niccolo is a bit of a tortured soul as well. I hope his story goes over well. You get to meet a new vamp in this story. Well, I have decided that I am going to go on a quest to find the Funky Bunch. It isn’t right that Marky Mark left them to starve like that. Mario Vaquez left American Idol. I have two theories, he either sighed a contract of there’s a skeleton in his closet that he doesn’t want to come out, otherwise he is a fool to walk away from that. When will he get that opportunity again. Oh well. The Incredibles is coming out on DVD this week and I can’t wait to buy it. That was a great movie. Gary is still alive. Barely. Oh well, I think that might make up for my two missing blogs. Peace out!!

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