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Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
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Okay, my friend Di won’t talk to me until I post to my blog again. Well here it goes. A lot has happened since Gary died. I’ve been writing up a storm, I’m getting ready for a vacation. Yah!! First let me tell you what I’m currently working on. I’m working on the third installment for the Blood Brothers series. Also I’m working on my second comedy which has light BDSM. I’m not really a hard core type of gal. , a new series with three kick ass heroines, and a contemp which I would like to shop to a new publisher. I adore all the pubs that I currently have, but I never want to put my eggs into one basket. Besides, I plan on providing lots of stories to Loose-id, Changeling Press and LSB. :-D

Now in the news. I haven’t ranted in so long let’s see what I missed. The runaway bride. All I can say is die bitch die. I hope you enjoy the money you looney toon because wherever you go people will alway point and stare. What’s up with her souless eyes. Crazy eyes I say.

The missing girl in Aruba. This is a tragedy and I hope answers are found soon. But don’t boycott Aruba. The people on that island depend on the money from tourism to thrive.

Shasta Groene: God Bless this little girl. What she must have gone through was horrible. I hope that castrate the bastard who killed her family. I hope they castrate him with a rusty name and then let and then fry his ass. What a sick f**k

Angelina adopts another baby. What a great humanitarian he is. I don’t care if people think she’s wierd. So what. Really rich people are usually eccentric. So what if she walked around with a vile of Billy Bob’s blood. I say her only real mistake was being with Billy Bob in the first place.

Tom Cruise. What can I say? I think he’s lost his mind. Katie if you’re reading this, please walk towards the light. Don’t choose the dark side.

Last but definitely not least. The bombing in London. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and families of this senseless violence. God bless England.

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