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American Idol
Sunday, February 26th, 2006
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Yep, it’s that time a year again. American Idol is back with a vengence and Simon is nastier than ever. I love it! Some people are saying he’s extra mean this year, but to be honest, there wouldn’t be a show without him. Face it, one of the reasons we watch is to see what he’ll say next. I don’t care what anyone says, I love that man.

As for Paula Abdul, what the hell is wrong with her? Is she on drugs because half the things she says doesn’t make sense. I just keep waiting for Simon to belt her. I’ve heard it said that she takes pain killers for a bad back, but girlfriend, it’s starting to show. What happened to pop princess? Straight Up!

Randy? Annoying.

Ryan Seacreast, he’s an enigma. Does this guy have girlfriend, because he’s been spending an awful lot of time commenting on what other men wear. Now, I’m not insinuating a thing, (well maybe I am), but that’s just not something that most guys *coughs straight guys* do.

Okay, my thoughts on some of the contestants. I like Paris Bennett. She’s adorable. I like the girl Katherine McPhee, she’s the cute brunette with her mom as her voice coach. That girl can sang! Those are my two favorite girls. The others don’t really stand out on the radar to me except for being very pretty girls, except that one chic Brenna. That girl has a terrible attitude and she trys to come off as funny, but you just know she’s a beotch. Did you notice when she wasn’t eliminated that no one clapped for her? I get the feeling that she’s not liked, and if she acts that way in front of the camera, imagine what a nightmare she must be when its not on.

For the guys, I looooooove Looooove Loooove Ace Young. He is so hot. I asked my husband if I could leave him for Ace given the opportunity since I told him he could have a free pass with Halle Berry. He said no. :-( His jealousy can be so cute sometimes. :-) I like Taylor Hicks because he’s unique and I think he’s just what the competition needs. Its like he’s channeled Ray Charles, Joe Coker and Michael McDonald. I hope he does well because he’s not cookie cutter. I like Chris the bald headed rocker. He’s a sweetie and he’s got a great voice. I also like that little kid who looks like he’s 12. The name escapes me, but he’s such a cutie pie. I want to pinch his widdle cheeks. So those are my top three guys. Yes, I know that Elliot guy sounds really good to, but I can’t get past the fact that he reminds me of the Leprachaun in that scary movie. *sigh* I’d have so much fun if I were a judge on that show.

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