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Dear Ryan McFadyen,
Thursday, April 6th, 2006
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Dear Ryan,

You may have may think it was fun for you and a bunch of your buddies to get together and hire strippers for the purpose of humiliation and assualt. You may have thought it was funny to send that little email about rounding up more strippers and “killing those bitches and skinning them” You may even get off for what you did or what you allowed your buddies to do, but as you close ranks and keep keep mum about what happened, I want you to know, I’ll never forget you or your face or the things you said in your email. No means no, and everyone deserves dignity, even strippers. They’re human beings with emotions. Imagine if this were to happen to your girlfriend, mother, sister or friend. Stop hiding behind your team and be a man. You had the audacity to appear at a take back the night rally in which you said you don’t condone rape. Well prove it. Come forward with what you know, and apologize for making light of this very disturbing incident. I believe people can change and I hope one day you can look into your heart and truly know feel ashamed and contrite. Until then I pray for you.



Update: May 5, 2009 I’m updating this post because obviously the accused men were cleared and apparently there are still a lot of people out there on the net who took exception to my original post. My words were harsh but that’s how I felt at the time, and I won’t apologize for them. Rape is never a good thing. I hope the young lady has sought psychological help because she’s in essence ruined some young men’s lives. To the young men in question, I hope they make more responsible choices. As for Ryan, the email thing still bothers me, it shows his lack of respect for women. And I really hope he’s grown up these last three years.

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