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Tuesday’s Rant
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
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I was ready to rant about American Idol tonight about how Simon has it out for Vonzell probably because she turned him down or something or how Scott Savol looks like Miss Piggy’s little brother or how Paula and Ryan Secreat get on my damn nerves, but no! I have something else to rant about tonight. I have kept my mouth shut about this runaway bride until I saw something on CNN. Should she pay for what she did? Hell yea that bitch should pay. In the beginning I was thinking well, maybe she was scared and didn’t realize all the trouble people would go through to look for her so she made up the lie on the spur of the moment. She bought her Greyhound ticket a week before. If that’s not premeditation I don’t know what is. They she had the audacity to blame her kidnapping on a hispanic man. Really, why do people blame minorities when they get into trouble? I thought that was pretty horrid. Her fiance is an idiot because he still wants her, but he doesn’t think she should pay back the city of Deluth “because she has to go through life wondering what people think about her” Well, news flash buddy she doesn’t have to wonder because we all think she’s a crazy bitch. The asshole of the year award goes to this woman, but she will have to share it with her future father in law who says and I quote “I don’t think it’s necessary for her to pay the money back because the police department got some valuable training” Jackass. Tell that to the people who had real emegencies while the police were looking for that bitch. There’ s a special place in hell for people like you. Peace out.

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