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Sunday’s Rant
Sunday, May 8th, 2005
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Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!!! I hope everyone had a great mothers day. I went surprised my mom with a visit today, we so rarely see each other. We went out to a restaurant and since I was the first person in our party of 10 there, I went to the hostess to give my name and the number of the party. She rudely said 10? and rolled her eyes and said “well it’s going to be a long wait”, I replyed not losing my cool (I’m aware of that), then she repeated that it would be a long wait and I said, fine we will wait, then she asked if all my party was here. I said they’re all on there way and will be here by the time our turn comes. Then she rudely says to me well we’re not going to call you until all your party is here. I said they will be no problem. As I was about to walk away, she started again. Now mind you, this girl couldn’t be more than 16 so I excused her age. there was a back and forth and during this I didn’t raise my voice, not even when the other two hostess nazis jumped in. Then my husband got involved (god bless his non confrontational soul)At which point one said, We’re just doing what our manager told us to do. At which point I asked to speak with her. I spoke to the manager, cleared up the incident and she was apologetic but what kind of bothered me was when she said, of they’re young girls, you know what they’re like which brings me to the point of my rant. Since when should age excuse poor manners. I know when I was a child I was taught to say please and thank you and I worked in food service when I was in my teens and never once would I have thought to speak to a customer that way. Should age excuse bad manners. Hell no. And had I been calm and rational, I just may have broke those bitches in two. Peace out.

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