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Dante’s Wrath
Saturday, April 7th, 2007
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This is the tentative title to the next installment of the Blood Brothers series. I’m so flatter at the overwhelming response I’ve received for this series so far, and I wanted to address the question that has popped up quite a bit lately. When is Dante’s story coming out? Well, the dipolmatic answer would be, hopefully soon? But the truth? I have no clue. I haven’t even started writing it yet. There’s been so much on my plate lately, I barely have time to sleep. I have plans to start working on it after RT, but not before then. When it’s complete then its a matter of getting it scheduled which could be several months from the time I turn the full MS in to my editor. So, in the meantime, I have a few more things coming out in the coming months that I hope will keep everyone satisfied until Dante’s story comes. As I’ve posted on my loop, I’m not pulling any punches in this story, and you’ll get a visit from some old friends, the Romanovs, pack Kyriakis and more.
When I have more news to report on this book, I’ll be sure to update my blog and loop. Yeah, I know I’m a super slack. LOL :-)

The Kyriakis Curse Now Available at Loose-id
Monday, April 2nd, 2007
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Harlem artist Sarah Deveraux has been running from her past for as long as she can remember, suppressing the painful memories of her parents’ brutal murders. Things go from bad to worse when an enemy from her past catches up to her, and realizes she’s not completely human! Can she learn to trust the roguish Constantine Kyriakis when he offers her refuge?

Constantine Kyriakis has resisted his father’s matchmaking attempts for decades, but when he’s offered a reprieve if he finds the artist of a painting his father is interested in, he takes it. Falling for Sarah wasn’t in the plan, not even a little bit, but that wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for three small details: she’s a half breed shifter who’s not fully aware of her heritage, she doesn’t trust other shifters, and someone wants her dead.

As they both give in to their most carnal fantasies, an enemy is closing in. In order to survive, Sarah will have to give Constantine her complete trust. And accept him as her mate.


The Reinvention of Chastity Now Available at Samhain
Monday, February 5th, 2007
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Plain Jane paralegal Chastity Bryant has had a raving crush on her boss Sebastian Rossi since meeting him. Always willing to jump at his beck and call, Chastity’s world comes crashing in on her one morning when she overhears him laughing about her less than exciting life. To top it off, he freely admits that he’s used her crush to his advantage!

After a pep talk from her friends, they devise a plan to teach the arrogant Sebastian a lesson. Armed with a new look and a new attitude, Chastity sets out to seduce her hunky boss and bring him to his knees.

Sebastian Rossi has always been able to depend on two things in life: his successful law practice and his dependable employee, Chastity. But his whole world is turned upside down when she walks into his office looking like she just stepped off the cover of a magazine. Now, all he can think about is her. He doesn’t know what brought about the change, but one thing is certain, he’ll stop at nothing to possess her.

Things are going according to plan for Chastity, but the only thing she hadn’t counted on was falling in love.


Calling AA authors
Monday, February 5th, 2007
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Taken from Karen Scott’s Blog:

Racism In Publishing, How Does It Affect You?

Are you an African American author who’s been published for at least one year? If so Karen Scott wants to hear from you.

She’s conducting a survey based on the racism within the publishing industry, and whether or not it’s as prevalent as some believe. She’s looking for black or African American authors who have been published for at least one year.

She would like to know about your specific experiences within the industry thus far. She wants to know how AA authors feel about the current shelving policies, and niche marketing. She wants to know who you feel is to blame for the problems that you face. She also wants your suggestions on how things can be improved upon.

In all, there are twenty questions in the survey, and all that she asks is that people be as honest as possible. Confidentiality is assured if requested, but for the findings to yield more weight, she would request that she be granted permission to directly quote from the answers given by the authors.

She’s hoping to poll at least 100 AA authors, in an effort to ensure that a fair representation is achieved.

If enough authors agree to partcipate, (and depending on the findings) the results may well be sent to representatives within media and press. No promises that Oprah will hear about it, but all efforts will be made to get the message out.

If there are AA authors out there interested in participating in this poll, please e-mail Karen at hairylemony @ gmail. com (without the spaces) with the subject header ‘Please send me the survey’.

The deadline for the survey to be completed and returned to Karen is March 1st 2007

Contest on my loop
Monday, December 18th, 2006
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Today I started my annual Eve Trivia contest. For those who would like to participate see contest details on the contest page!

Geminie Rising 3: Paris Burning
Thursday, December 7th, 2006
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Finally the conclusion of my Gemini Rising series is available through Changeling Press. Check it out!

Yay!! My website has a new look
Monday, December 4th, 2006
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It’s green for the money!! Green is one of my fav colors but it’s hard to get the right shade. I think the books section is proabably a little easier to navigate now as well. Jacque did a phenomenal job. She gave me exactly what I wanted. *sigh* Christmas came early for me this year.

Blood Brother’s 3.5 Jagger’s Woman Now Available!!!
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
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Fangs was released today with Loose-id. It features Jagger’s Woman, and two other stories, Flare Zone by Barbara Karmazin (love her) and Immortal Warriors by Suz DeMello. A vampire anthology, just in time for Halloween.

Now that Jagger’s story is out, know what that means? Dante is next!!! Already I’ve gotten questions of who he’s going to be with and willl he be with a black woman? I’ve given it a lot of thought and I have in mind who he will be with. What I love so much about the Grimaldi Brothers is that they love with all their hearts. I love writing multi-cultural stories where all women are beautiful in my world. Something like color is so inconsequential to them, that when they find their mate, that woman is put on a pedistal be she black, white, asian, latina, or indian.

Whoever Dante ends up with, will be the right mate for him. ;-)

The Life and Loves April Johnson now in Print!!
Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
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I’m excited about the release of this book. It’s my first book available in the bookstores Borders, Waldens. I’m really jazzed about that. I guess that means I have to arrange book signings. I’m generally not shy person, but I hate the idea of sitting in the book store, and sitting there wondering if someone will come by and ask me to sign a book. That scares the hell out of me. I’ve seen authors in book stores with no one around them. Yikes. I guess you have to start somewhere right? You have to crawl before you walk and I’m going to be crawling like a son of a bitch. Norah Roberts and Terry McMillian had to start somewhere right? *sigh* Here I go!

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
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I’m so addicted to the show it’s ridiculous. I wait with baited breath on Mondays for this show to come on. Not since Jem and the Holograms have I been so enthralled by a television show. Wow. It has everything, action, drama, comedy, and hot guys. Whoo Hoo. But it leaves me with burning questions every week. Does that kid have powers? Can Nathan be any slimier? Would you want you ever want to piss Nikki off? Who the hell is Sylar? Does Issac really need the heroine to paint the future. OMG, this show is so ridiculously good. In my opinion, it makes LOST look really boring, but then again, I digress, I’ve never watched a full episode of LOST so maybe I can’t make that judgement. Between Heroes and Ugly Betty this season, I’m slowly getting past my reality show addiction.