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Merry Christmas
Tuesday, December 25th, 2007
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Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!

Michael Jackson
Monday, December 10th, 2007
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I must admit, I was watching old Jackson 5 video’s on You Tube and got a bit teary eyed. Michael Jackson was soooo adorable and so talented. But then when I think about what he looks like now, I can just weep. What the hell have you done to yourself Michael? Where’s the cute little kid? No matter what I’ll always think of him as that cute kid full of hope and promise instead of the white woman who likes to spend way too much time with little boys. Thriller is still one of my fav albums though.

Are you a label reader?
Sunday, November 25th, 2007
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I’ve become one in the past few months. Especially on meats. I’m trying to eat healthier and live a little better and I can’t help but think the high rate of cancer, autism in children and other health issues are largely in part to how foods are packaged. For instance, my girlfriend’s eight year old daughter not only got her period recently, she’s a C cup!! This girl is stacked, and definitely could pass for a girl in her late teens. A lot of little girls are developing faster than girls did when I was a kid, and getting hair in places I didn’t get until my late teens. My theory is its the foods we eat, especially the steroids and other growth hormones they put in the meats. I’m starting to buy organic meat and free range chicken and cutting down on meat all together. I will never completely give up meat, but I am being more careful.

I’ve started reading labels concerning sodium and such as well. So many times we put salt on our food without tasting it and never get the opportunity to because accustomed to the natural flavors of vegatables, like broccoli and spinach (my favs) Salt is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure. I have three co-workers on blood pressure medicine and they’re all under 40. I think next year I’m going to be more hardcore and watch out for sugar as well, another killer. Basically I’m trying to be a healthier me.

Are you a label reader?

I really suck at blogging
Sunday, November 18th, 2007
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I’m making an early New Years Resolution to update my blog. I doubt I get many hits on my blog because it’s so far in between posts bit I will try to train myself to post more. Maybe once a week.

So I’ll start tonight with a pet peeve. I hate websites with music on them. I don’t know why, but they drive me nuts. Unless its a musician who’s trying to sell records I don’t get why people have music on their websites. I guess its just a preference thing. I’m sure there are just as many people who like it. I’m sure there are lots of people who look at my site and hate the shade of green I chose. Guess you can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself.

The Factory Now Available at Changeling Press
Sunday, November 18th, 2007
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Landing a job at Cryo Cor, the largest food manufacturer on the planet, is a dream come true for Sydney. But her dream job becomes a nightmare when she discovers a horrible secret about Cryo Cor’s products. Cryo Cor is processing Humans — as food!

Overnight Sydney becomes a wanted woman. She finds unexpected salvation in the form of a tall, dark, rugged stranger. Jack and his band of Freedom Fighters will stop at nothing to take down the alien threat to mankind. When Jack offers Sydney his protection, sparks immediately fly between these two headstrong people, but their arguments soon turn equally passionate lovemaking. They’ll have to work together to destroy the Cyrellian threat, and preserve the future of Earth.


I need help locating  a book…..
Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
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There’s a historical book written in the 80’s I think that I used to love and I don’t remember the name of the author or the title, but the plot line kind of went like this…An English lady somehow gets taken into a harem (No this isn’t the Sky O’Malley series or any by Beatrice Small), and she’s rescued by a mysterious guy with an Arabic sounding name, and he seduces her, yada yada, but it turns out to be an English Earl who was actually an ambassador. Actually, she might have been in India now that I think about it. And she might have been the daughter of a diplomat who’s father died while they were in India and this guy rescues her (the Earl) and he takes her back to England, and they get married. I think someone wants her dead because they thought she died in India because they stand to inherit her fortune. But this Earl she married is cunning and he saves her. And I clearly remember at the end of the book she gives birth to twins, a girl and a boy. The little girl she names Maryam. I think the boy twin was named Peter or it could have been the Earl’s name that was Peter. I do remember that name being mention in the book. I think it was a dark cover, maybe black or dark blue, but I’m pretty sure it was black. I really would like to find this book and put in my keeper stack because I really liked it.

Isn’t it sad that I remember little details like that, but can’t think of the name of the book. If anyone can tell me what that story is or who that author is, I’d really really appreciate it.

Stranded—Now Available at Samhain
Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
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One island…One woman…Two studs

India Powers is at the end of her rope. After dumping her cheating fiancé and having a falling out with her parents, she decides to take a much needed vacation. In route she meets two hunky fellow vacationers in the form of Rafe Santiago and Grant Thompson. Though she’s not looking for love, India sees no harm in a little island flirtation.

Rafe and Grant have been friends since they were kids; both from broken homes, all they had were each other. Their closeness leads them to the discovery they enjoy sharing the same women. After surviving a stormy marriage that nearly destroys their friendship, Rafe vows to never let another woman come between them. To celebrate Rafe’s divorce, he and Grant take a vacation in hopes of finding Miss Right along the way.

Tragedy strikes when their plane goes down. In a twist of fate, the only survivors are India, Grant and Rafe. Stranded for weeks, their daily fight for survival turns into something much deeper when India falls for both men and they for her. However, when they’re rescued and returned to civilization, they fall under public scrutiny. Can their newfound love survive when outside forces step in to tear them apart?



The Devil’s Plaything-Now Available at Loose-id
Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
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Plagued by a genetic anomaly called the devil gene, Maxwell Sterling will be consumed by it unless he can soul bond with a carrier of the counterbalancing angel gene. He finds his mate in Olivia Watts, but he soon finds she’s a lot more than he bargained for – not to mention, she refuses to acknowledge her feelings for him.

Single mother Olivia doesn’t know what to make of a powerful man like Maxwell. She’s survived one abusive relationship, and Maxwell’s charismatic, forceful personality rings all her warning bells. But it’s not his strength that scares her so much as her own attraction to him.

The passion Maxwell tempts her with cannot be denied, but Olivia’s determined not to become the devil’s plaything.


The Zoo-Now Available at Changeling Press
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
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The Cyrellians appear friendly, offering hope to a battered and devastated Earth. But three women soon make startling discoveries that could very well change the fate of their home world yet again.
With the help of Cyrellian technology, Bella may soon hear for the first time. When she goes to their lab for tests, she finds herself sold off — as a pet in an alien zoo! Although she’s expected to mate with a “creature” of her kind, she can’t fight her attraction to Dar, the zookeeper assigned to oversee her training.

Dar has a knack for dealing with the most unruly of the zoo’s pets. Still, he’s surprised at how like his people these new breeders are. Disturbingly he finds himself falling for the Earth being, even though he knows it’s wrong to mate with the pets. But when Bella tells him of the Cyrellians’ underhanded tactics, he risks his life on a daring escape. Will they find their way back to Earth in time to warn others of the Cyrellians’ devious plans?


The thick steel door leading to the infirmary muffled the piercing shrill of the behavior neutralizer, a device used to control the animals with sound. Quickly Dar popped in his earplugs and raced toward the commotion.

He wasn’t sure what he’d find, but it certainly wasn’t the chaos unfolding before him. Standing on the examination table surrounded by the three other zookeepers, all holding neutralizers, was the female Human. She held what looked like a makeshift blade made out of a broken bottle.

Her screams were being drowned out by the noise makers, but she wasn’t covering her ears in pain, nor was she backing down. Why weren’t the devices working on her? Even though the plugs he’d inserted were designed to drown out even the highest decibels of sound, he could still hear the faint buzzes. What in the name of Glarm was going on?

Normally Dar was fast on his feet, but this time they wouldn’t move even if he wanted them to.

The female was magnificent.

Dark brown hair framed a delicately shaped face that fell like a silken cape around her shoulders. Were it not for her coloring and the markings Flamrylian woman possessed, she could easily pass for one. As it stood, her body was absolute perfection from the high pert breasts capped with deep red nipples to the tiny waist that flared out to womanly hips. A triangular patch of hair rested between her thighs that he’d never seen on any Flamrylian female, but it wasn’t unappealing. It actually made him want to find out the secrets it hid beneath.

Dar’s cocks stirred uncomfortably inside his pants. Thoughts he knew he shouldn’t be entertaining ran through his mind. Only when he looked into her blazing green eyes did he come to his senses.

They were filled with fear.

She wasn’t acting out, but frightened. “Turn off the neutralizers,” he yelled as loud as he could, and when they didn’t, he realized his error. They were all obviously wearing earplugs as well.

He strode over to the closest one and snatched the device out of nerveless fingers and switched it to off. Dar repeated the motion with the other two and then gestured for them to remove the sound mufflers from their ears.

“Why did you do that? We need to get her to desist this unacceptable behavior. She wouldn’t cooperate with the examination,” Yeahen explained.

“Obviously these things aren’t working,” Dar drawled.

The other two looked hesitant.

The female, however, went on the attack. She sprang at him with the jagged glass. Dar moved out of her way, barely missing the slicing arc she made with her weapon. That would have produced a nasty cut. When she tried it again, he was ready for her. He caught her wrist in one hand and removed the glass from her and then tossed it out of her reach.

Dar was much taller and outweighed her significantly, but she put up a fight that made it nearly impossible for him to hold on to her.

Shara attempted to scratch his face, but when that didn’t work, she pounded on his chest. He caught her flailing arm and gave her a strong shake. This didn’t stop her. It seemed nothing would.

Leaning forward, she bit him.


“Argh,” he yelled his pain. The little she-beast’s teeth had sunk through the cloth of his shirt and into his skin.

Yanking a clump of her hair, he was able to rip her head away from him, but not without causing injury to himself. Dar then grabbed Shara by the armpits and tossed her over his shoulder.

She cried out and pummeled tiny fists into his back.

His fellow zookeepers watched in fascination, not moving a finger to assist him, probably because they didn’t know what to do. Dar couldn’t blame them with the way this one carried on. Dar brought the flat of his palm onto her upturned bottom, not meaning to cause Shara pain, but to send a warning that he’d not put up with much more of her rebellion.

Though her struggles lessened, she still put up a fight, trying to wiggle from his hold. This time when he slapped her ass, Dar put more force behind it. He was in control and he wanted her to know it. Maybe what he was really trying to do was to control the racing hormones within him. The heat of her body so close to his was doing things to his body he hadn’t experienced in a long time. He had to exorcise these inappropriate thoughts from his mind.

Wedding Stud-Now Available at Ellora’s Cave
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
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Desperate for a date to her cousin’s wedding, Penny Marsh resorts to contacting an escort service. Little does she know, Studs for Hire is no ordinary escort service, but a cover for a mate-finding business for lonely immortals.

Nicholas has spent centuries searching for his true mate, and finally finds her in a lovely date for the night. He falls for the shy beauty right away, but how will she react when she learns the truth about Studs for Hire? And that he’s a vampire.



For once, she was pleased with her appearance, but what was the point in looking good if she had no date to the wedding? She hadn’t intended to go in the first place, but her mom and Aunt Helen had pleaded, feeding her some bull about families sticking together and being there for one another. Well why the hell hadn’t anyone told Barbara that when she’d stolen Penny’s boyfriend?

Tana had suggested that not going to the wedding would send the message that Penny still cared for Chad, giving their cousin more ammunition to gloat. The best revenge would be showing up and having a great time.

If she were being honest with herself, Penny was over Chad, but her cousin’s betrayal was what cut the most. Barbara, having no shame whatsoever, made a big deal about Penny not having a date for the wedding, pushing Penny so far that she felt she needed to make something up.

“For your information, I do have a date.”

The smug expression on her cousin’s face turned to one of disbelief. “Oh really?”

“Yes, really. Surely you didn’t expect me to still be mooning over what’s-his-name. Actually, the two of you did me a favor. Had you two not, uh…fallen in love, I never would have met Cole.”

Barbara’s lips had tightened and eyes narrowed. “Why is this the first time I’m hearing about it?”

“Come on, Barb, do you ever really listen to anyone when the subject isn’t about you?” Tana had cut in, saving Penny from digging herself deeper in the hole she’d created.

Barbara had not been amused.

The lie she’d made up, however, had put Penny in an awkward position. Now not only did she have to attend the blasted affair, but she’d have to bring a date.

Tana, bless her scheming heart, had suggested hiring a date for the night. With only a month before the wedding with no prospects, why not pay for someone to pretend to be madly in love with her?

Penny though the idea ridiculous, but as the event grew closer, desperation set in. As if the hand of fate had intervened, she’d come across and ad in the newspaper.

Need a date to an important event in a hurry? Want to impress your friends with Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome and Successful? Then call Studs for Hire. You won’t be disappointed.

Sure the ad was cheesy, but what choice did she have?